Wavteq Institute provides a specialist policy advisory service to inform government policy and strategies on FDI. Wavteq has provided policy advice at the Presidential, Prime Minister, and Ministerial levels as well as to the senior management and boards of some of the world’s leading economic development organizations.

Wavteq Institute also provides key note conference presentations and speakers on topics related to FDI, and we are speakers at all the major international FDI conferences, including the UNCTAD World Investment Forum, WAIPA World Investment Conference, the Dubai Annual Investment Meeting, and the International Economic Development Council as well as at the annual investment conferences of major IPAs and EDOs.

Recent Projects

  • UK

    Advising the UK House of Commons Select Committee on Investment which had a direct impact on UK FDI policy

  • Northern Ireland

    Advising the Northern Ireland government on the impact of lowering corporate tax on FDI

  • Australia

    Developing incentives policy recommendations for a region in Australia


    Presenting at the International Economic Development Council and the UN Asia-Pacific FDI Network on the impact of U.S. trade and tax policy on FDI

  • Quebec Ministry of Economic Development

    Producing a study for the Quebec government on different country and regional models of organizing investment promotion influencing government policy

  • Haiti Ministry of Finance and IDB

    Providing policy recommendations and a detailed road map for 10 legal reforms to improve the business climate


    Best practice policies in how to promote sustainable investment at the city level

  • Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority

    Advising the Saudi Arabia government on best practices in FDI accounting methodologies

Dr Henry Loewendahl, CEO of Wavteq was invited in 2019 to give evidence to the House of Commons International Trade Committee.

Dr Loewendahl advised on several factors which have since resulted in policy changes including:

  • A more robust dataset, including information on M&A and investment losses to facilitate more accurate assessment of FDI successes
  • Tracking and monitoring of net job creation as opposed to successes only
  • Focus on reporting successes from value-add sectors where FDI is typically more mobile and less driven by market forces
  • The impact of the Brexit referendum decision on FDI to date in the UK and the competitive dynamic with other major European economies.

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