Wavteq: Products & Services update 2023

On 1st March 2023,  the Financial Times Group (FT Group) acquired the product and consulting assets of Wavteq Group Limited (Wavteq). The Wavteq brands; including Amplify, IncentivesFlow, InvestmentFlow, InvestmentMap, Influencers, Institute and their strategy and advisory services have joined the fDi Intelligence  portfolio. 

FT has not acquired the lead generation division of Wavteq, which can still be found here.

For further information visit; newproducts.fdiintelligence.com or read press release.

Podcast: How Covid-19 has changed the economic development landscape

With Chris Knight and Daniel Callaghan

Wavteq's CCO and Co-Founder, Chris Knight is joined by Daniel Callaghan the Senior VP of Europe to discuss how Covid-19 has changed the economic development landscape. 

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