Webinar: Round up of 2022 - FDI in 2023 & Beyond

In this upcoming webinar. Wavteq’s panel of experts will provide insight into the key drivers and challenges of FDI in the past year, as well as provide their predictions for the upcoming year. They will also discuss the potential impact of current global events on FDI and provide strategies for businesses to navigate the ever-changing FDI landscape.

The FDI experts will go beyond general investment promotion numbers to offer interpretations and share a new set of critical economic development tips, tools, and tactics for 2023 that will help drive more effective Investment Promotion programs amidst continued uncertainty. They will also discuss the impact of ongoing geopolitical tensions and the role of governments in shaping FDI.

We invite you to join us for this critical webinar and learn how your Investment promotion agency can unlock winning strategies in the face of uncertainty. 


2 Time Sessions Available with Limited Spaces

- 11am (GMT) - Europe & Africa

- 2pm (ET) / 11am (PST) - North America



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