fDi Institute releases Opportunity Field Guide on Ireland

Located on the westernmost part of Europe, the Republic of Ireland is an island nation in the Atlantic ocean and is separated from Britain on the east by the Irish sea. The island is the second largest in the continent after Great Britain, and the 20th largest in the world. Standing 23rd in the 2021 Best Countries Rankings, Ireland’s economy is one of the most resilient and advanced of all countries, owing to the top-skilled workforce, corporate tax rates as low as 12.5%, and an environment that is highly conducive for business, making it the 4th most competitive economy in the EU, and the 12th most competitive in the world. Being the 4th most competitive economy in the world, the future looks bright for Ireland.


Ireland reported significant investment growth in the first half of 2022, returning FDI employment creation plans to above the pre-pandemic 2019 record levels, despite a continuing challenging global environment. Total employment in IDA client companies in Ireland stood at 275,384, up from 16,826 in 2020. 104 of the 249 investments won in 2021 were new name investments, a better than anticipated new name performance, considering the ongoing restrictions due to the pandemic.

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