Top TIPS & Insights to strengthen your LEADS Pipeline

By Tapan Sahni

4 Way to strengthen your LEADS Pipeline

Strengthening your leads pipeline for economic development and FDI is vital for attracting investments, diversifying the economy, creating jobs, fostering innovation, and enhancing international competitiveness.

1.Identify more companies to target using the powerful tools available

Using platforms like fDi Markets and LinkedIn identifying and contacting companies has transformed. fDi Markets provides 1000s of leads each year of companies with expansion plans as well as 10,000s of companies that have a track record of FDI. New search functionality means you can identify leads in very specific areas like AI, Cybersecurity and Battery Supply Chains, which is invaluable in building quickly a highly targeted list of companies. LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables you to identify target companies and to reach out to the contacts within them.

These are two must-have tools that every Wavteq lead generation specialist has a license and which we could not do lead generation without. We have also been experimenting with the new AI platforms like ChatGPT, which can be useful for list generation but not for contact research.

2. Build relationships with intermediaries

The importance of site selectors is well known, with latest surveys by DCI and C Studies finding that something like over half of major companies in US and Europe use site selection firms. However, industry associations and chambers of commerce are also extremely influential organizations and building good relations with the major ones in your target sectors and markets can really help your business attraction efforts. A growing trend is that economic development agencies also have a mandate to support their local companies with outward FDI, as well as trade, so these can be great counterparts to partner with.

3. Develop a business referral program

Business referral programs are well developed at the site level, with many of the major free zones offering commission for bringing investors. Some investment promotion agencies have also offered a pay-per-project referral program, in the case of Ireland especially targeting its huge diaspora.
While these programs can sometimes result in referrals that are “kicking the ball over the line” i.e. the company has already decided to invest, coming up with creative ways to encourage investment referrals can expand your pipeline at low cost and low effort and is great for marketing and awareness creation

4. Marketing leads

Most EDOs and IPAs are after what we have coined “Investment Qualified Leads” or IQLs. However, these can be challenging to generate in significant volume as there is only a finite number of companies that have a project and that will consider your location at any point in time.
Therefore, having a larger prospect pipeline can really help ramp-up your IQLs over time. To build a big prospect pipeline we have achieved really good results using LinkedIn marketing campaigns targeted at specific companies, sectors and markets. These campaigns can generate a high volume of what we call “Marketing Qualified Leads” or MQLs. The MQLs can be more gently engaged until which time the company has a concrete investment project and they are now already thinking of you for it.

How we can help?

Wavteq is the premier lead generation and digital marketing agency with a global footprint in 15 countries covering over 90% of the global FDI market. Our teams have generated an incredible 1,000+ realized investment successes with over $50 billion of capex.

We can boost your leads pipeline by:

1. Building contact databases of leads ready for you to
2. Roll-out site selection and intermediary targeting
3. Manage your LinkedIn direct sales and direct marketing

We offer the full range of global lead generation services including virtual meeting programs, road shows and trade shows, webinars and seminars in selected markets, and in-market representation services.


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