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Intermediaries are becoming more important as the scope and nature of investment is changing. M&A, joint ventures, and strategic alliances are now more important than Greenfield FDI for corporate expansion. The huge growth in private equity and institutional investment is also transforming the financing and ownership of investment.

At the same time, competition for investment has never been more intense especially with global FDI declining and slowdown in global trade.

Networks, relationships, and professional services skills are core to investment attraction and facilitation. The most successful economic development organizations (EDOs) operate an intermediaries program as a key pillar of their business attraction strategy.

Wavteq Influencers is a unique online platform providing a complete solution for EDOs to develop and implement an intermediaries strategy.

Influencers helps to connect you with investment intermediaries in your country and in every country worldwide. It combines the power of data with Wavteq’s global experience in investment attraction. 

Leveraging networks to secure investment

  • Identify key influencers

Investment attraction is broader than corporate outreach. Working with site selectors, consultants, banks, legal firms and other intermediaries can enhance your investment success.

  • Global network of influencers

With access to 25 different types of professionals located in over 700 cities across 182 countries around the world, and growing daily - Wavteq influencers provides access to all the professional contacts your organization requires to support investment attraction.

  • Reliable & up to date content

Our professional network is growing every day with our research unit expanding their reach into new cities and markets around the world. All content is verified regularly to ensure reliability, relevance and up to date intelligence. Provision of contact information complies with GDPR.

What you get access to?






Site Selectors

Site Selectors

Journalists, Media & PR firms with investment focus

Free Zones & Business Parks

Banking & Finance

FDI Consultants

Business Associations & Int'l Organizations

VC Funds / PE firms

Real Estate Advisors

Government organizations

Recruitment & HR

Legal professionals


"Prior to our trip to Dubai for this year's Annual Investment Meeting we wanted to set up meetings with corporate location advisors that could potentially help bring more investment to Uruguay. We knew this would be a challenging and time-consuming process as we lack an in-market presence for effective networking. Using the FDI Professionals platform by WAVTEQ we were quickly able identify the type of advisor that we needed to connect with. It worked! and during our time in Dubai we had several successful meetings directly from FDI Professionals."

Paola Leites de Moraes, Project Manager, Uruguay XXI

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