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Wavteq is a leading specialist provider of training and capacity building for economic development organizations (EDOs) clients. We provide 3 levels of training:

  • eLearning through Wavteq Institute. EDO professionals can complete our FDI accreditation through our online platform. Our FDI certification programme is suitable for individuals wishing to learn or upgrade their FDI skills through to organizations which are rolling out training across their team. Current clients of Wavteq Institute include Caribbean Export, Dubai FDI and Select USA.
  • Customized training programmes. These face to face training sessions usually take place over 2-3 days and are developed with the client to meet their specific training needs. Wavteq’s senior team delivers the training on the client sites.
  • Longer term capacity building. As part of our development consulting work, we also work with organizations to support their capability development through longer term engagements. This usually involves secondment of a team member from several weeks to several months.

Recent Projects

  • Colombia

    Provided training and was chief workshop presenter and facilitator at the 2-day Barranquilla Investment Conference in Colombia for EDOs/IPAs from across Colombia and the region

  • Jordan

    Wavteq provided an intensive 4-week ‘Capacity Building Training Programme’ for the Jordan Investment Commission (JIC), which was covered over 12 sessions

  • Canada

    Delivered FDI training workshops to over 50 FDI staff at the provincial and city level in Calgary and Edmonton for Alberta Economic Development and Trade and Calgary Economic Development

  • Turkey

    Provided 2 expert consultants to run a workshop at the Knowledge Forum held in Konya, Turkey 2017. Over 100 economic development officers attended the workshop from Turkey, Europe, Central Asia and Africa

  • UK

    From 2015-2018 Wavteq led training workshops in the UK for local and overseas IPAs/EDOs. In total Wavteq has developed and presented over 20 different training modules and exercises and has trained over 200 economic development staff from over 50 UK and international IPAs and EDOs

"The topics covered and group exercises conducted were handled with perfection. This would not have been fruitful the solid background of the trainers at WAVTEQ and ICA. The JIC, USAID-JCP and WAVTEQ mastered the Program. How lucky I am to have been a participant”

Jordan Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation

"Your ability to engage both, the panel and the audience, was highly conducive to the intended impact of DIW. We are truly grateful for the time and effort you took to share your thoughts and experiences with our delegates and participants”

CEO, Dubai FDI

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