Wavteq: Products & Services update 2023

On 1st March 2023,  the Financial Times Group (FT Group) acquired the product and consulting assets of Wavteq Group Limited (Wavteq). The Wavteq brands; including Amplify, IncentivesFlow, InvestmentFlow, InvestmentMap, Influencers, Institute and their strategy and advisory services have joined the fDi Intelligence  portfolio. 

FT has not acquired the lead generation division of Wavteq, which can still be found here.

For further information visit; newproducts.fdiintelligence.com or read press release.



Daniella Pellandi

Head of Lead Generation, EMEA

Cara Edwards

Client Services Manager, UK

Danilo Di Fonzo

Client Services Manager, UK and Europe

Nadine Garfield

Client Services Manager, UK and Europe

Thomas Klement

Client Services Manager, Europe

Guillaume Lesage

Lead Generation Manager, France

Asia Pacific

Tingmei Deng

Director, China

Masao Kumori (MBE)

Managing Director, Japan

Young Ho Seo

Managing Director, Korea

Shreya Pathare

Client Services Manager, India and APAC

Yushan Lu

Senior Trade and Investment Consultant, China


Samer El Husseini

VP of Lead Generation, North America and China

Roshaili Osman

Lead Generation Manager, North America

Daniella Pellandi

Lead Generation Consultant, Americas

Sanduni Hewa

Senior Lead Generation Specialist, North America

Sergio Costa

CEO Strings, Brazil

Raissa Abegail Villanueva

FDI Lead Generation Manager, North America

Middle East & Africa

Shivani Sharma

Lead Generation Manager

Manju Mehla

Lead Generation Consultant

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