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Infrastructure & Construction

In the first 8 months of 2019, infrastructure and construction accounted for 25% of global capital investment and job creation made by foreign direct investment.  Infrastructure, buildings, and other fixed assets account for nearly half of world GDP and are critical to economic growth and development.

Wavteq has specific expertise in many sectors including:


Tourism investment

Property & real estate investment

Industrial & business park development

Transportation & logistics

Example Projects

  • Jordan

    Securing $1.5 billion in eco-housing investments in Jordan

  • Indonesia

    Leading a 3-year tourism investment promotion program in Indonesia

  • Scotland

    Identification of over 100 Chinese infrastructure, hotels & tourism, and institutional investors to target for investment in Scotland

  • Kenya

    Identifying over 300 hotels & tourism, property developers, utility companies, and incubators as potential investors into Konza Technopolis (Kenya)

  • China

    Lead generation program targeting air transport investors from China for Marketing Birmingham leading to a major investment

  • UK

    Facilitating the acquisition of a globally important technology park in the UK by Japanese investor Horiba

$1.5 billion in housing investment facilitated by Wavteq

Wavteq and Investment Consulting Associates were awarded a contract with the USAID under the Jordan Competitiveness Program to attract FDI to Jordan. Wavteq led global lead generation and investment generation activities.

Wavteq country offices conducted a global outreach campaign, targeting 1000+ companies and with 100+ qualified prospects identified. Wavteq also designed and delivered a major FDI event in Amman, attracting 75 delegates to hear about investment opportunities, and supported with overseas missions globally.

As a result of this work, Wavteq identified and secured multiple investment projects including a $1.5 billion+ investment from UK company, RDA Global. The project consists of the design, build and operation of 5 pre-fabricated housing supply manufacturing facilities, based at the Al Mafraq Zone in northern Jordan and housing projects that will create 1,000s of jobs.

Wavteq identified the company, engaged with senior executives, facilitated all Q&A and we organized an inward visit to Jordan for RDA Global's Managing Director, which paved the way for two additional site visits, at which point Wavteq facilitated the conclusion of this deal with the Al Mafraq Zone and with funding partners.

Air transport route from China to UK

Wavteq helped Birmingham secure charter flights from Beijing with China’s HNA Airlines that will carry almost four thousand Chinese tourists into the UK, contributing £19 million to the UK economy. Wavteq were targeted to find Chinese companies willing to set-up direct flights to Birmingham Airport. Wavteq engaged with HNA at the highest executive level and set-up meetings with senior officials and politicians to help secure the investment providing continuous support.

HNA Group announced direct air routes from China to Birmingham with 4,000 Chinese tourists contributing $30 million to the local economy. Wavteq played a key role in brokering the deal.

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