Take on tomorrow: The secret to high-performance economic development organisations

Wavteq Institute: Together creating a new generation of economic development professionals.

2022 is a radically changed environment for investment promotion. Corporate investments, both FDI and regional, are shaking off the pandemic-induced lethargy. The investment cycle may be on the cusp of restarting. However, economic development organisations (EDOs) responsible for bringing these investments home need to brace themselves for unprecedented levels of competition.

Smart EDOs are betting on continuous learning to upskill their teams in the face of emerging upheaval. To help them adapt, we turned Wavteq Institute's transformative in-person training and pedagogy into a scalable platform for organisation-wide coaching over the last two years.

Wavteq's continuous learning model allows professionals to hit the ground running. Through market intelligence platform your teams access industry-first research and analysis to help make rapid, transformational impact. The learning & certification programs develop strong foundational knowledge that benefit long term strategic thinking.


Transform strategic decision making

The twin forces of technology and globalisation will continue to open new markets opportunities. However, the same forces also fuel new competitors and unforeseen complications that economic development professionals need to navigate. Wavteq's cutting-edge market intelligence platform gives you unfettered access to the facts and insights to make high impact decisions quickly. For over a decade, Wavteq has been an industry thought leader and strategic partner to economic development organisations.

  • Industry Blueprints: offer in-depth research of emerging industries and markets, as well as high growth companies within them. Our clients use these blueprints to prioritise sectors and companies they want to target.
  • Investor Shortlists: reveal under-the-radar companies primed for global expansion captured through extensive analysis of venture funding, startup ecosystems, and news media data points.
  • Country Opportunity Briefings: provide insights and data on investment and trade opportunities for companies looking to uncover new global growth markets.
  • Expansion Intelligence: tracks global expansion trends at an organisational and sector level. These reports help EDOs make optimum decisions when planning targeting strategies.
  • Resource centre: provides strategic toolkits, webinars, and white papers that explore trends and opportunities in the economic development industry.

Build teams your EDO needs

From the key decision makers to the front line, our courses are designed to help organisations thrive under disruptive market conditions, bring innovative technology into their solutions, and build enduring capabilities. The Institute's curriculum and training cater to all types of EDOs, from large national EDOs to subnational partners, at regional and city-level.

Globally attractive locations are stepping up their efforts to attract high-value investments and smart capital. Economic development professionals also need smarter, more effective methods to enhance their location's attractiveness to keep up. Our programs have taught these new concepts and best-practices to 1,500 FDI professionals across 50 economic development organisations worldwide.

Wavteq's Institute's two-phased approach let’s you redefine the scope of economic development. Turn your teams into high-performance self-starters who close deals faster and identify opportunities for attracting non-traditional investments. It's a brave new world out there. Embrace it with confidence.


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