Wavteq Joins Forces with WAIPA & IsDB to Strengthen Technical Capacities of IPAs

Wavteq has joined forces with WAIPA & IsDB to strengthen technical capacities of IPAs in OIC member countries.

The World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA) in partnership with the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) have successfully concluded its first online capacity development program on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the post Covid-19 pandemic era, which was attended by 58 investment promotion agencies. 

The program, led by Wavteq, was designed to address the needs of investment promotion agencies (IPAs) during and in post COVID-19 eras. It was carried out through a series of 10 online workshops during the period from August to November. 143 participants attended the training from 43 countries and provided an important opportunity to increase knowledge on the short-and long-term implications of Covid-19 b and how to for scale up their FDI promotion efforts.

“We have been launched into a new digital era where events have now been turned into webinars and the attendance levels of these have spiked due to the accessibility factor. This digital mindset is still not shared by everyone, but many experts agree that this is the time to get on board or be left behind in the new FDI landscape.”

Henry Loewendahl, CEO Wavteq

“Our trainings and workshops are exclusive as we always try to collect the perspectives from different sources, namely international organizations, consultancy companies and most importantly experience sharing sessions with companies and IPAs.”

Ismail Ersahin, Executive Director, WAIPA

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