Wavteq: Products & Services update 2023

On 1st March 2023,  the Financial Times Group (FT Group) acquired the product and consulting assets of Wavteq Group Limited (Wavteq). The Wavteq brands; including Amplify, IncentivesFlow, InvestmentFlow, InvestmentMap, Influencers, Institute and their strategy and advisory services have joined the fDi Intelligence  portfolio. 

FT has not acquired the lead generation division of Wavteq, which can still be found here.

For further information visit; newproducts.fdiintelligence.com or read press release.

Introducing Investor Shortlists

By Wavteq Corporate Intelligence Unit

What are Investor Shortlists?

Investor Shortlists is our effort to identify high-growth companies based on a predetermined set of parameters to predict the next wave of firms prime for globalization. In this endeavour of ours, the primary objective is to predict which companies have the near to mid-term potential of expanding to multiple geographies.

Investor Shortlists stem from a thorough analysis of a broad list of companies from emerging as well as established sectors against a set of 9 parameters including geographical presence or the measure of the propensity to expand outside their home continent, total headcount, recent funding events, total funding, employee growth, R&D intensity, accolades, quality of investors & management prowess. After a preliminary screening of the companies basis certain aspects including geographical presence and headcount, we have scored the remaining on each of the nine parameters. The companies included in our study make up the highest scored scale-ups.

How can you benefit from them?

If you are an economic developer or an investment promotion agency keen on attracting companies from specific sectors to your community, Investor Shortlists will be your most sought-after information resource. We believe that based on precedence, companies with higher levels of fundraising, consistent growth of headcount/employees, and propensity to expand to newer markets are good indicators of the company’s true potential for future internalization of its operations. This, in part, is driven by investor demands of consistent and industry-beating growth rates coupled with the high-growth of the respective sectors. Taking into account all these factors together, we believe that the shortlisted companies will be in a prime position to lead the charge for the next wave of growth and internationalization thereby enhancing job creation in the geographies to which they expand.

The Investor Shortlists methodology evaluates high-growth companies in specific sectors so you can focus on building your location proposition and finding synergies with the target company. Let Investor Shortlists become your competitive advantage that makes you stand out from your peers.

As a learning platform for economic development and investment promotion professionals, Wavteq Institute provides certification courses around core aspects of Investment attraction, investment facilitation and business retention and updated comprehensive content library with sector deep dives, trends & expansion intelligence. We welcome a brand new year with a brand new addition to our platform, the Investor Shortlists, a bespoke & recurring solution for your most urgent investor intelligence needs.

Investor Shortlists are available to the existing Wavteq Institute subscribers at no additional cost. If your organisation is interested in a demo of Wavteq Institute, please contact us below. If you're looking for a bespoke investor intelligence solution beyond Shortlists, you can contact: chris.knight@wavteq.com for more information

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