Wavteq announces Strategic Partnership with YS Growth Strategies, Israel’s, leading boutique advisory firm specialising in FDI

Wavteq partners with YS Growth Strategies, an Israeli advisory firm with deep & functional expertise in Foreign Direct investment and the Israel market.

“We are proud to partner with YS Growth Strategies that is advancing FDI Promotion by leveraging data & building predictive frameworks in Corporate Location Strategy & Investment Attraction. Under the partnership, both entities will collaborate to attract high growth Israeli companies expanding globally in addition to partnership opportunities for our ever-growing list of global economic development organisations”

Dr Henry Loewendahl  |  Group CEO - Wavteq Ltd

“FDI is one of the most valuable growth engines both for governments and public sector institutions, and we are thrilled to partner with Wavteq which is at the forefront of economic development and innovative consulting. Israel is a hotbed of innovation and together our efforts can create sustainable impact in global communities”

Mr. Nir Yelinek  |  Partner - YS Growth Strategies

About YS Growth Strategies

YS is a specialized strategy and business development consulting company located in Tel Aviv - with over 20 years of experience working for and consulting to leading international companies. We work with CEOs and management teams helping them to materialize their organizations’ potential and deliver growth. We exercise cross disciplinary know-how in areas such as corporate strategy, technology planning, financial modelling, strategic marketing and M&A.

About Wavteq

Wavteq is a global strategy consulting firm advising governments & public sector institutions in building resilient economies by offering creative solutions around new job creation & accelerating capital investment. We've been a strategic thought leader in economic development for more than a decade, bringing unrivalled capabilities, tools, technologies, and talent to every client partnership. Over 1,000 governments, multilateral organizations, professional services firms, and academic institutions subscribe to Wavteq-developed products. Wavteq's consulting team has helped economic development organizations secure over $50 billion in greenfield investment projects in the last 10 years. The firm has a global footprint across 12 countries.



Media Contacts:

Lauren Farrall - Senior Marketing Executive, Wavteq


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Chenli Haetzni - Project Manager, YS Growth Strategies 


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