Wavteq Institute steps up the learning experience that they provide for economic development leaders

In its pursuit of elevating the user experience and providing more immersive and conversational content to its subscribers, Wavteq Institute is transforming its continuous learning and market intelligence platform for investment & trade professionals. 

Wavteq, the creators of Wavteq Institute and a strategic thought leader in economic development for over a decade, announced the re-launch of the platform’s updated and improved version. The new Wavteq Institute aims to make the user experience more seamless, focusing on creating content that is more intuitive, easy-to-understand, & engaging, with a coherent & systematic flow. The courses are designed by industry practitioners who have published over 100 studies on corporate investment & trade, worked with over 300 economic development organizations in over 70 countries, and trained over 2,000 investment promotion officers.

“This product transformation comes when economic developers have had to deal with the disruptions caused by the pandemic and how their communities would need to build strategies to grow in the new normal. We created 'Institute' as a solution for communities to thrive by empowering their economic development stakeholders.”

- Dr. Henry Lowendahl, CEO Wavteq 

About Wavteq

Wavteq is a global strategy consulting firm advising governments & public sector institutions in building resilient economies by offering creative solutions around new job creation & accelerating capital investment. We’ve been a strategic thought leader in economic development for over a decade, bringing unrivalled capabilities, tools, technologies, and talent to every client partnership. Over 1,000 governments, multilateral organizations, professional services firms, and academic institutions subscribe to Wavteq-developed products. The firm has a global footprint across 12 countries.

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