Wavteq Institute releases Industry Blueprint on Cybersecurity

The global cybersecurity industry has been booming in recent years, especially during the post-pandemic recovery period, as workplaces are committing to digital innovation. Compared to a market size of USD 125 billion in 2021, the growth forecast of the global cybersecurity industry is a mighty $299 billion by the end of the decade. With cyber-attacks spiralling as a concern and nations investing heavily to tackle it, inevitably, 2022 will witness the global industry funding surging to hit USD 134 billion. While innovations in cloud and data services have helped North America, which was the largest market in recent years, register a CAGR of over 7 % by 2026, APAC is predicted to take advantage of the same to grow at the fastest pace by 2030.

Keeping in mind this understanding, Wavteq Institute has curated our latest industry blueprint on the Cybersecurity sector that captures a holistic view of the expanding industry with a focus on the influencing factors, key trends, greenfield investments, M&A activity, key stakeholders and category insights.

The report is available exclusively for the subscribers of Wavteq Institute, a continuous learning & market intelligence platform by Wavteq for the economic development community.

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