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Practical and result driven strategies through FDI consulting


Effective investment and trade promotion starts with robust strategy

Wavteq develops practical and results driven strategies for economic development and investment promotion. Our strategic work is underpinned by our knowledge of real-life best practices from having worked with hundreds of economic development organizations (EDOs) on the business side of actually targeting companies for trade and investment.

Combined with our industry leading data and investment products we can help define the competitive advantage of a location, assess the opportunities, identify where there is market demand, and develop practical strategies that can be realistically implemented to generate more trade and investment.   

As well as working directly with EDOs, we have successfully managed and implemented strategy projects in cooperation with key stakeholders at international cooperation agencies including the Inter-American Development Bank, UNCTAD, and the World Bank Group.

Strategy & Advisory services

Wavteq develops strategies for countries, states, regions, cities, and industrial parks and zones. Our offer includes the following services:

  • Investment promotion strategies
  • Business development plans and investor outreach strategies
  • Organizational strategy and institutional development
  • Sustainable investment strategies aligned to SDGs
  • International market and sector strategies
  • Marketing strategy and value proposition development
  • Aftercare and BRE strategies 


Example clients include:  Invest Quebec, CFI Haiti, Caribbean Export, BKPM Indonesia, Invest Canada, Invest Trinidad and Tobago, San Antonio Economic Development, Gold Coast, Izmir Development Agency, Jordan Investment Centre, Greater Sacramento Economic Council, and many more.



Thank you for the work you've done for us. We're very happy with the outcome of the project - if this doesn't give us the info needed to atrract high value FDI, nothing will!

Senior Economist, Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment (Northern Ireland)

Committed to emerging economies

Wavteq is committed to working with EDOs in emerging economies to support with capacity building, strategy development, market analysis and value proposition development. As a domain expert in both FDI consulting and Sustainable Investment, we are uniquely placed to help emerging economies not only understand how to leverage best practice but also how to prepare for the next wave of international investment. This rapidly evolving paradigm is heavily influenced by the sustainability agenda.

We work directly with EDOs in emerging markets and with major international financial institutions and we also work as part of consortiums on larger ODA projects in emerging economies. We have a strong track record of success with the World Bank Group, Inter-American Development Bank, UNCTAD, DfiD, Trade Mark East Africa, and USAID. Our work in this area has spanned both Investment, Trade, and Tourism. 


Sustainable investment

Wavteq has pioneered FDI advisory services focused on achieving sustainable development goals, enabling economic development organizations to leverage trade and investment opportunities in:

  • Renewable energy
  • Low carbon economy
  • Circular economy
  • Sustainable agriculture 
  • New technologies 

Recent Projects

  • Canada

    Cluster development strategy for aftercare/BRE with value propositions and target investor identification for this Aerotropolis in Alberta

  • Caribbean

    FDI strategy for the new technology park in Trinidad and Tobago focused on attracting ICT inward investment

  • Canada

    FDI strategy identifying and providing profiles of 20 target countries, competitive strategic positioning, and marketing strategy

  • UK

    One-year strategy project with detailed policy recommendations for FDI strategy and competitiveness policy and corporate tax policy with UK Prime Minister briefing

  • Turkey

    Developing the 3-year investment promotion strategy and one-year operations plan for attracting FDI to the Izmir region of Turkey

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