Wavteq: Products & Services update 2023

On 1st March 2023,  the Financial Times Group (FT Group) acquired the product and consulting assets of Wavteq Group Limited (Wavteq). The Wavteq brands; including Amplify, IncentivesFlow, InvestmentFlow, InvestmentMap, Influencers, Institute and their strategy and advisory services have joined the fDi Intelligence  portfolio. 

FT has not acquired the lead generation division of Wavteq, which can still be found here.

For further information visit; newproducts.fdiintelligence.com or read press release.


Exceptional track record in attracting investments from major markets

Latin America and Caribbean

Wavteq are regional specialists in the Latin America & Caribbean (LAC) region, with a proven track record of securing major investment successes.

We have worked with over 20 national economic development organizations (EDOs) across LAC. We have targeted outbound FDI from key markets such as Brazil and Mexico as well as promoting inbound investment to many countries across the region.

Wavteq has a very successful track record of implementing FDI related contracts in LAC including projects funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, European Union, and World Bank Group.


Investment successes

Pfizer (USA) establishes Center of Excellence in Chile sourced by Wavteq

Wavteq, working with ICA, was awarded a contract by CORFO Chile, the national economic development agency of Chile, to attract US R&D investment to Chile and to promote to investors a new $70 million R&D incentives program. Wavteq developed the R&D value proposition for Chile (a PPT presentation) and an introductory letter to use with investors. Our team were fully briefed in the new R&D incentives policy and we identified the 60 largest R&D spending companies in the US in target sectors.

In each company we identified key decision makers for both R&D (e.g. SVP technology) and for Latin America (e.g. SVP, Latin America) and directly engaged with decision makers using social media, email and telephone. For opportunities identified, we coordinated closely with CORFO to prepare responses for investors and set-up initial calls with CORFO. The lead generation campaign was very successful, with three companies announcing operations in Chile within 12 months of the completion of the project.

As well as the Pfizer project, Emerson announced a 70 person Centre of Excellence in Chile.

Pearson (UK) established shared services centre in Costa Rica sourced by Wavteq

Wavteq was contracted by CINDE Costa Rica, one of the world’s leading IPAs, to target the UK (and India and Brazil) for FDI. We identified a target list of UK companies which have not yet setup near shore BPO centres for the US and LATAM market or which have potential to relocate.

Wavteq met key advisors at a professional services event and identified the investment opportunity. Wavteq secured a call with the CFO and introduced Costa Rica as a high quality location solution. Following introductions to CINDE, Pearson and IBM (outsourcing partner) selected Costa for a 150 person SSC operation.

Wavteq identified further investment opportunities for Costa Rica and an Indian company targeted by Wavteq also subsequently invested in Costa Rica.

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