Exceptional track record in attracting investments from major markets

North America

Wavteq’s regional hub is in Montreal and we have a team of 30 trade and investment specialists across North and South America providing consulting and business development services to over 100 economic development organizations globally.

We have an excellent track record in securing investments from the region from both major blue chip companies including Emerson, IBM, and Pfizer and from fast growing SMEs and tech firms including Gorilla, Slack, and Uber.


Example Projects

  • USA

    Lead generation program in the USA targeting the largest R&D spending companies to introduce a new incentives program and value propositions. Resulted in major investments being landed in Chile

  • North America

    In-market representation and lead generation in North America leading to several investments

  • Canada

    Lead generation program and road show in Canada leading to a tech investment being landed

Investment successes

Pfizer (USA) establishes Center of Excellence in Chile sourced by Wavteq

Wavteq, working with ICA, was awarded a contract by CORFO Chile, the national economic development agency of Chile, to attract US R&D investment to Chile and to promote to investors a new $70 million R&D incentives program. Wavteq developed the R&D value proposition for Chile (a PPT presentation) and an introductory letter to use with investors. Our team were fully briefed in the new R&D incentives policy and we identified the 60 largest R&D spending companies in the US in target sectors.

In each company we identified key decision makers for both R&D (e.g. SVP technology) and for Latin America (e.g. SVP, Latin America) and directly engaged with decision makers using social media, email and telephone. For opportunities identified, we coordinated closely with CORFO to prepare responses for investors and set-up initial calls with CORFO. The lead generation campaign was very successful, with three companies announcing operations in Chile within 12 months of the completion of the project.

As well as the Pfizer project, Emerson announced a 70 person Centre of Excellence in Chile.

Momentum Technologies establishes IT outsourcing office in Tunisia

Momentum Technologies, Canada’s leading consulting services company within Oracle and Java technologies, has expanded into Tunis, Tunisia with the opening of a new IT outsourcing office.Wavteq supported this investment as part of an investment attraction program with the Tunisian Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA) funded by the World Bank. Under this program, Wavteq setup and facilitated full road shows and seminars in Canada, China, and Japan to meet with potential investors identified by Wavteq and FIPA.
Momentum Technologies was one of the key companies met by senior representatives from FIPA and Wavteq during the Canada road show. The value proposition for investing in the IT sector in Tunisia was discussed together with the company’s FDI plans, alignment and fit with Tunisia’s competitive strengths.
The Canada investment attraction program was led by Scott Bryan, Senior Partner Wavteq, and Research Consultants International, a specialist FDI lead generation consulting firm in Canada co-owned by Wavteq.

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