Wavteq Year in Review: 2021

This year has without a doubt been a special and unforgettable year, which in itself has posed a lot of challenges both for individuals and for companies alike. 

However, in order for us to end on a high note, we choose to keep things on the positive side in this round up, and share our best highlights from 2021.

Wavteq has had one of the busiest year’s to date and as a result we have expanded the teams across the company, making 21 new hires in 2021. Meet some of the new faces at Wavteq! 

Due to the challenging circumstances that COVID-19 brought, our service offering had to be quickly adapted to help Economic Development Organisations (EDOs) and Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) stay agile during the pandemic.

Year of Zoom

Physical events were a huge set back as EDOs and IPAs relied heavily on these to secure investment to their location. Wavteq adapted by offering sector focused opportunity webinars and virtual investor meeting programs to attract interested investment prospects. 

Wavteq hosted over 34 sector-specific Investment Opportunity Webinars in China, Europe, Korea, Japan, Latin America and US for clients including: Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO), Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA), Ajuntament de Barcelona, Invest Dominica Authority, Invest Ottawa, Detroit Regional Partnership, Foreign Investment Promotion Agency Tunisia (FIPA Tunisia). 

These sector-focused webinars were attended by over 2,000 companies and helped to generate 100s of virtual investor meetings for our EDO/IPA clients and potential investors.

Virtual Training

As physical events and workshop training sessions were off the table, Wavteq's training experts drew massively on our practical experience working with multinational enterprises and governments to lead virtual training using best practice techniques and training guidelines. Wavteq provided training workshops for international organisations including COMESA Regional Investment Agency (RIA), World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA), Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), World Bank Group (WBG) and directly for national and regional IPAs from Botswana, Canada, Caribbean, Colombia, Finland, Gambia, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sweden, Tunisia, UAE, UK and US.

Wavteq also developed our revolutionary product: Wavteq Institute, enabling EDOs and IPAs to upskill and train their staff in Investment & Trade learning. Currently over 500 users are learning via the Institute platform through rich interactive course material on Trade & Investment as well as taking advantage of the high-level reports developed by our own Corporate Intelligence unit on Markets & Sectors.

Future Product Outlook

During 2022, Wavteq will be further expanding our research team for our best-selling product, IncentivesFlow, to improve coverage in US and Europe so that we can increase the value of the product for clients. We are also considering building an IncentivesCalculator into the product to increase value for our corporate and EDO clients and to expand the industry classification to include emerging sub-sectors for investments.

Wavteq’s CRM solution for Economic Developers, Amplify, which has achieved considerable success signing-up national and regional IPAs, will be introducing full email integration in the new year as well as a new and improved download engine improving user’s ability to export their CRM data. A key new feature to be developed in 2022 is a “client set-up wizard” that will streamline significantly our client onboarding and provide great value added to clients - as well as being a neat tool to showcase in sales demos and differentiate the product. 

Wavteq will also be fully updating the intermediary classification and contact data in our advisory database Influencers in 2022. This is much needed to reflect the growing importance of partnerships during the pandemic, and will have a key focus on ensuring maximum coverage and up-to-date contacts for the global site selection community and the major industry and business associations across all major source countries, states, and cities worldwide. This data upgrade will also be useful for our own product sales & marketing and lead generation contracts.  

Our new Business Intelligence Group, which comprises our Corporate Intelligence Unit and Market Intelligence Unit, will continue production of unique, high impact sector and market intelligence reports for the Institute platform while the Consulting team continues to update and add new courses on Investment and Trade.

In 2021, Wavteq worked with 66 countries

Things to look forward to in 2022

  • Events in 2022

    Wavteq hopes to be able to attend all the major investment events in 2022. We are especially looking forward to AIM (Annual Investment Meeting) in Dubai, along with SelectUSA which will take place in National Harbor, Maryland.

  • Wavteq Webinars

    We are excited to be planning a range of Wavteq events which will take place on Zoom. Our first will kick off in February when we will welcome Guillermo Mazier and Nisan Abdulkader to present a review of 2021, along with looking at how 2022 will pan out in the world of FDI.

  • Wavteq Newsletter

    Our marketing team has released a monthly newsletter which gives clients and followers monthly updates on trending FDI Stories, Sector Spotlights, Economic Development Trends, Trending Incentive Programs and Wavteq Innovations.

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