Wavteq’s Amplify CRM found its first U.S-based client deep in the heart of Texas

Within a few short months of hearing about Wavteq’s Amplify CRM, during a state-level association webinar, Lisa Denton, Economic Development Director of the Palestine Economic Development Corporation (PEDC), knew the CRM designed especially for economic development organizations (EDOs) would be a great fit for her team of two.

“Our organization was searching for a CRM system that would offer more than just a way to manage contacts,” said Denton. “The ability to customize the system to meet our needs, specifically for BR&E and prospect/project pipelines, put Amplify over the top. Wavteq’s attention to detail, and individualized customer service, is proof that we made the right choice.”

After receiving funding for the Amplify subscription, Denton and her project manager met with the Wavteq product development team to complete a kick-off call and discuss the details of how they would like to configure PEDC’s first-ever CRM.  

Although the Amplify annual license fee is fully inclusive of data migration, PEDC did not have any data to migrate. Instead, they opted to implement several of Wavteq’s recommended pipeline types to track economic development leads, business retention and expansion efforts (BRE), and facilitation.

And since Amplify is fully customizable at no additional cost, PEDC also requested the creation of a special BRE form so they could easily collect business survey results, then collate, and create meaningful reports from the CRM.

PEDC also took full advantage of Wavteq’s lead generation services by “weaponizing” their CRM with a list of target firms in their target sectors (new and existing clients have an option to add this service to their annual subscription at a minimal cost).

We appreciate PEDC’s trust in Wavteq to successfully onboard them as the first U.S. Amplify CRM client, and we’re excited to help them efficiently generate, grow, and nurture leads within their new CRM. 

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