Wavteq Institute launches new Trade course

Are you interested in understanding key concepts of trade protectionism and trade facilitation?

Wavteq Institute's new Trade course 'A Guide to Exporting: Trade Barriers & Trade Facilitation' is designed to provide investment/export promotion officers with a good understanding of trade policy, with a focus on trade barriers and trade facilitation.

You will not only learn about the history of trade protectionism but also understand main challenges that companies face when exporting to foreign markets. We will explain you the different trade barriers (tariffs, non-tariff barriers) and policy instruments such as Free Trade Agreements and Trade Facilitation, but also their impact on the economies.

Worried that you may learn only theoretical concepts? No worries - this course will not only teach you the fundamentals of trade policy but also provide you with practical advice on how to find and use key trade sources such as WTO, ITC and UNCTAD.

The course is available exclusively for the subscribers of Wavteq Institute, a continuous learning & market intelligence platform by Wavteq for the economic development community.
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