Wavteq: Products & Services update 2023

On 1st March 2023,  the Financial Times Group (FT Group) acquired the product and consulting assets of Wavteq Group Limited (Wavteq). The Wavteq brands; including Amplify, IncentivesFlow, InvestmentFlow, InvestmentMap, Influencers, Institute and their strategy and advisory services have joined the fDi Intelligence  portfolio. 

FT has not acquired the lead generation division of Wavteq, which can still be found here.

For further information visit; newproducts.fdiintelligence.com or read press release.

Attracting FDI to Northern Ireland in the context of post EU exit trading relationships

Wavteq were commissioned by the Northern Ireland Department for the Economy (DfE) to conduct research on attracting foreign direct investment to Northern Ireland in the context of our post EU exit trading relationships. The paper presents the research and analysis in terms of:

• The past performance of FDI in Northern Ireland in 2015-2020

• An assessment of the EU - UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement and the NI Protocol on FDI 

• Forecasts for FDI in Northern Ireland for 2021-2025


Useful Links:

Listen to the full story on BBC Radio Ulster which begins @ 1.05.10.

Read BBC News Coverage

The report indicates that FDI into NI is expected to grow over the period 2021 to 2025, particularly in the Software and IT sector, where NI has a revealed comparative advantage and track record for success. 

View the free summary of the report using the link below, if you have any questions regarding this report or Wavteq services please reach out at: info@wavteq.com


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Wavteq is a global strategy consulting firm advising governments & public sector institutions in building resilient economies by offering creative solutions around new job creation & accelerating capital investment. We've been a strategic thought leader in economic development for over a decade, bringing unrivalled capabilities, tools, technologies, and talent to every client partnership. Over 1,000 governments, multilateral organizations, professional services firms and academic institutions subscribe to Wavteq-developed products. Wavteq's consulting team has helped economic development organizations secure over $50 billion in greenfield investment projects in the last ten years. The firm has a global footprint across 12 countries.  

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