Wavteq Institute releases Industry Blueprint on Electric Vehicles

Forecasts suggest that electric vehicles will surpass half of global passenger vehicle sales by 2040, suggesting that the global electric vehicle industry has continually resisted the rough patch that it hit during the pandemic, as the adoption of electric vehicles is becoming largely popular. Moreover, environmental concerns are on the rise and global emission standards are stringent, which has been the bottom line of this unprecedented shift from internal combustion engines to electricity-powered ones. Catering to this trend, the industry, especially automotive technological innovation, is drawing heavy investment from various manufacturing giants. 

Keeping in mind this understanding, Wavteq Institute has curated our latest industry blueprint, which takes a deep-dive into the dynamics of the global electric vehicle market and captures a holistic view of the expanding industry with a focus on the influencing factors, key trends, greenfield investments, M&A activity, key stakeholders and category insights.

The report is available exclusively for the subscribers of Wavteq Institute, a continuous learning & market intelligence platform by Wavteq for the economic development community.

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